IT Partner and TOC Global Showcase


Will you join us the coming days at TOC Global Showcase?

We from IT Partner miss the live events where we can meet in person, just as you probably do.
Thankfully with the TOC Global Showcase we are able to go online and have a virtual conference experience.

We are one of the sponsors of this event and we hope to see you in the webinars, have a chat online or meet via the platform.

The event runs till the 18th of June, we would like to highlight some sessions for you:

  • 8th of June at 10:55 CET, Spotlight on Digital Transformation I
  • 8th of June at 13:55 CET, Spotlight on Digital Transformation II
  • 9th of June at 10:55 CET, Spotlight on Digital Transformation III
  • 9th of June at 16:55 CET, Women in Maritime with APM Terminals
  • 10th of June at 10:55 CET, Digital Transformation: Spotlight on Digital Twins

Looking at the interesting program of TOC Global Showcase, it will be about learning and connecting.
And we would like to ask you to do exactly that, connect!

Use the platform of TOC Global Showcase to send us a message or to set up a meeting.
Better yet, why not leave your contact details in the form below so we can get in touch with you shortly?
We would love to hear from you! 

Have you not registered for the event yet?
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